2016-2017 Staff

Nicoleta Gavris

Photography/Website Editor

Nicoleta Gavris is a junior at MLWGS and an avid photographer, graphic designer, actress, writer, and film editor. She loves foreign languages and is a dedicated linguist. She is an active member of the Drama club, Shakespeare...

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Cole Mier

Opinions Editor

Cole Mier ('19) is a Sophomore at Maggie Walker and is the Opinions Editor. Cole is a passionate lover of all things film, comedy, classic rock, wrestling, and superheros. Cole enjoys being the opinions editor because he is a...

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Kamya Sanjay

Assistant News Editor

Kamya Sanjay, a sophomore at Maggie Walker, is thrilled to be serving as assistant news editor. The Jabberwock offers countless opportunities that allow her passion for writing and fascination with journalism to flourish. Kamya's...

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Emily Martin

Layout Editor

Emily, a Junior at Maggie Walker, is excited to be serving as the Layout Editor for the Jabberwock. An avid baker, Emily can most frequently be found in her kitchen, in the kitchen at her mentorship, or in someone else’s kitchen....

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Larry Jia

International News and Finance Editor

Larry Jia is a sophomore at Maggie Walker who has been a writer with the Jabberwock since his freshman year. In his freshman year, he founded the international, domestic, and financial news section which provides insight on current...

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Hannah Scaparo

Photography/Website Editor

Hannah Scaparo, a junior at Maggie Walker, is the Technology and Photography Editor. They’re new to the Jabberwock staff, but are highly interesting in writing, politics, and journalism, particularly photojournalism. In their...

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Sophia McCrimmon


Sophia McCrimmon, a senior at Maggie Walker, serves as the Editor-in-Chief for the Jabberwock and has worked on the staff since her freshman year. In her role as Editor-in-Chief, she hopes to see the paper serve as a comprehensi...

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Amanda Mier

Features Editor

Amanda Mier ('17) is the Feature Editor. Amanda is a Clickhole enthusiast, a cinephile, and a non-discriminatory reader of mystery novels. Amanda desires to one day be alternatively a starving artist, a baker, a lawyer, a journalist,...

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Preston Hausser

Sports Editor

Preston has been with the Jabberwock since 2014, and has worked on the sports page throughout his time with the newspaper. He plays baseball and basketball and manages field hockey in the fall. When he’s not on the field, he...

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Parth Kotak

News Editor

Parth Kotak, Class of 2017, is the News Editor. In his free time, Parth may be found hiking the snow-clad peaks of the Himalayas or trekking through the featureless dunes of the Sahara, searching for the fabled cure to procrastination....

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