The Malt Shop

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Many of Izzy's close friends collaborated with her on the Malt Shop.

Many of Izzy’s close friends collaborated with her on the Malt Shop.

Izzy McKinney aspired to change the world. Opinionated about all things political and an outspoken defender of human rights, Izzy had a powerful voice which she used to make a difference.

Although Izzy left her mark on the world in many ways, and The Malt Shop stands out in particular. It is an online magazine (“zine”) which she created and founded as a forum for young people to express their opinions through a variety of media. The first issue is notable for its creativity, thought-provoking content, and professional appearance.

The zine can be accessed at The following is an excerpt written by Izzy in the first publication:

Izzy created and edited the Malt Shop.

Izzy created and edited the Malt Shop.

“Expressing my views in a public and inviting manner has been a dream of mine for a good while. The problem, however, is that there are not a ton of places for people as young as me to effectively showcase what we know and believe. So, I had some choices. Start a blog? Not dramatic enough. Submit some of my writing to existing publications? Doesn’t really leave a lot of room for creativity and growth. So, after some research and thought, I decided to create an online magazine along with the help of some of my peers. Our name – “The Malt Shop” – plays along with the idea of the classic 50’s teenage meeting place. This is fitting, given we are trying to create a safe, inclusive place for like-minded teenagers. I hope we’ll encourage these people to collaborate and publish their ideas in ways they’d otherwise have no opportunity to… I’m beyond excited to see where this project goes. Although we’re starting here, small and local in RVA, I’m expecting my journey with The Malt Shop to be long, educational, exciting, and full of collaboration. Hopefully, with the help of readers and young, passionate people everywhere, we can grow this magazine into something that can really make a difference.”


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