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To all who knew her, Izzy McKinney was, in every moment she could be, entirely vibrant. I can hardly think of times I talked with her or saw her with friends in which her loud voice and laugh didn’t feed the happiness of those around her. She clearly deserved the education that MLWGS could have provided her, and it’s tragic to see it cut so short. It strikes me sadly to know that someone so full of life and passion and so young has passed. Let’s carry with us our memories of Izzy and be grateful of the blessings of life by continuing her resiliently positive spirit in each of us. Forever alive in my memories, I only wish we could all have more. — Anthony Holten (’16)

Izzy was beautiful on the inside and out.

Photo courtesy of Tasha Tolliver.
Izzy was beautiful on the inside and out.


Izzy McKinney was such an ambitious, bubbly, and lively person. I’ll always remember her making everyone laugh out of their chairs. Izzy, you were extremely bright, and you had such a big heart and big dreams. You touched so many people, and you will always be remembered. Rest in peace, we all miss you deeply. — Willa King (’16)


Izzy had a wonderful soul and a kind heart. She was a true part of our Maggie Walker family and we all miss her. — Adam Sachs (’19)


To the bubbly, animated girl I barely got to know:

Somehow, you weren’t scared off by my perky voicemail or the enthusiastic high five I gave you when you shadowed Maggie  Walker less than two years ago. Instead, you slapped my hand right back and told me you couldn’t be more excited.

Izzy McKinney was a talented writer who wasn’t afraid to speak her mind. She danced to her own beat and the Maggie Walker community will miss her immensely.  — Devon Bortz (’16)

Izzy loved spending time with her friends.

Photo courtesy of Tasha Tolliver.
Izzy loved spending time with her friends.


I didn’t know Izzy except by name and by her writing, so I’m hesitant to really contribute anything except this: that her loss, by its very nature, is deeply felt by this entire community. I believe that we never really move beyond losing someone, but we do allow both the person and the loss itself to become a part of us, to carry us on, and to help us heal. Izzy, thank you for what you have given to everyone, in words, ideas, and spirit. I know your legacy will long outlive you, an entity in and of itself to inspire and encourage long into the coming future. Rest in peace with the knowledge of all the wonderful work that you have done and continue to do, Izzy. You are still, and will always be, so powerful and very loved. — Dana Slayton (’17)


I never knew Izzy personally, but she was a student at Maggie Walker, so she is part of my family. — Nick McClure (’17)


Words aren’t enough to describe what a lovely person Izzy McKinney was, and how much she brightened the lives of those around her. I may have only known her for a short time, but her passion and wonderful personality was always (and will always be) enough to make me strive to be a better person.  — Emily Martin (’17)


Izzy was especially close with her mother, Tasha.

Photo courtesy of Tasha Tolliver.
Izzy was especially close with her mother, Tasha.

Looking Up at the Stars

by Kellin Carpenter (’18)

Every single day, people come up with words to say,
Whether to give their life meaning, or take that away.
How long life’s show can go, no one will really know;
Yet the soul carries on, through bonds that make our lives flow.

It is said time and again that people can die twice.
Once when their body physically ceases to work,
Twice when their name is spoken about for the last time.
In this case, Izzy will live on, never forgotten.

The joy and loving nature is all that we recall.
Her playful resilience serves as our incentive,
To always strive for the best and never once give up.
The impact of her compassion will always be near.

The light of the stars shines brighter at night, in our eyes,
Now that an illustrious being rests in the skies.
We will endure this tragedy, to honor her fight;
Bold and brave, she raged against the dying of the light.





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