Fresher Than Subway

Kamya Sanjay, Staff Writer

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Miguel Diaz-Montealegre ('19) is hoisted into the air in celebration by a few of his fellow freshmen during a pep rally.

Devon Bortz
Miguel Diaz-Montealegre (’19) is hoisted into the air in celebration by a few of his fellow freshmen during a pep rally.

Catapulted into new social and academic situations at a new school, freshman year is a milestone of student life. It marks the onset of new challenges and new beginnings, and Maggie Walker’s class of 2019 is full of fresh new faces that are ready to embrace them wholeheartedly.

Freshman have made it through the first marking period, along with all of the obstacles associated with starting high school. A freshman’s primary struggle is finding harmony between schoolwork and everything else. Lauren O’Neil (’19) says that her preliminary opinion of the school was based on her older sister’s experience. “I came in worrying that it was going to be a little bit overboard and that it was going to be really stressful and overwhelming,” she said, “But it’s really not at all if you just find the balance between school and friends and having time for yourself.” O’Neil has found Maggie Walker’s workloads “so different from what they were in middle school,” but she believes that nothing is too difficult if you can find your perfect balance.

Larry Jia (’19), a member of Model UN, Model Congress, Forensics, Debate, Club Asia, French Club, and Chinese Club, also plays tennis and trains for triathlons outside of school. “Whenever I read the story about Atlas, I feel him. I feel his pain. Because everything is just kind of crushing, but I can take it, that’s all part of the high school experience,” Jia said. His feelings are representative of those of many members of the student body, including Adam Sachs (’19), who balances his workload with cross country. “I thought Maggie Walker would be really hard, and it is super hard.” he said.

However, the Class of 2019 is not easily deterred by the challenges of freshman year. As they triumph, they are all beginning to find their place within the school, and many attribute this positive adjustment to the welcoming student body and faculty. “I love how everyone’s just super nice and friendly!” Cara Davis (’19) said. Sachs echoed her sentiment. “I like the environment, and the student body is really nice,” he explained, “and everyone is really accepting.”

Jia credits the teachers for both the general appeal and success of Maggie Walker. “The teachers, the students, and the administration all work together harmoniously, so it creates synergy.” Jia said. He also commends the members of the Maggie Walker community for giving students freedom and giving teachers freedom while “still maintaining order and a healthy learning environment.”

O’Neil’s favorite part about Maggie Walker is the diversity of classes offered throughout the school. “Hopefully [in senior year I will be] taking classes that I enjoy because Maggie Walker has so many different classes that you can kind of pick and choose from,” she says. Some students love the smaller things within the walls of Maggie Walker. “I like the food…the cafeteria has really good fries,” said Miguel Diaz-Montealegre (’19).

Maggie Walker’s class of 2019 has four years of new experiences, exciting memories, and dreams to fulfill. They face the challenges presented to them head on and without fear, bold and brave like their Green Dragon mascot. Diaz-Montealegre thinks back to the day he arrived at Maggie Walker, and offers his wisdom for years to come: “When we first got here everyone was like, ‘Don’t go to Maggie, don’t go to Maggie!’ And now that I’m here, it’s like… I want to be at Maggie…”

The class of 2019 agrees.


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