Alumni Actively Investing in Honor Council

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To the Editor:

I am not a serial activist, and my involvement with MWLGS since my graduation has been limited.  This is largely because I have had faith that the partnership between the administration, teachers, and students was such that it really didn’t need much else other than occasional financial support and school pride.  Other than that, I’ve simply sat back and marveled at the accomplishments of the school.

I ignored rumors floating around about the Honor Council because there was no way to verify them one way or another.  However, when it was brought to my attention that there was going to be a vote on suspending its operations at the March Regional School Board meeting, I felt I had to step forward.

The Honor Council represents some very important qualities that I believe MLWGS is specifically designed to help students embody. It is a school built upon trying to genuinely develop tomorrow’s leaders.  The cornerstone of a MLWGS education is accountability, respect for others, and above all else honor.  

The Council allows the student body to play a role in truly governing itself by holding peers accountable for their actions and providing students the ability to properly defend themselves. This sets the tone and expectation that the school’s honor code is a very real part of being part of this community as opposed to just another signature on an enrollment form.

I am glad that the Regional School Board opted to keep the Honor Council in place while performing a review.  I also believe that one is warranted, as privacy laws can present significant and legitimate risk to an organization.  The outline of the committee for the review is very reassuring.  It has a very good mix of stakeholders for the school, and should allow for a balanced opinion as well as guarantee a fair review.

As this committee is formed, I’d like to point out something that may not be obvious to them.  They do not have to be neutral in their goal.  In fact, I don’t think that they should.  The show of support for the Honor Council before, during, and since the Regional School Board meeting indicates how important it is to the school.  I implore the committee’s primary goal to be the preservation of the Honor Council in such a way that it properly mitigates the risks at the center of the issue now.  

Doing this would go a long way towards showing current and prospective students that the Regional School Board and administration are dedicated to the students first and foremost rather than national rankings in some publication.

Andy Creery (’96)

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