Models Ready to Rock Prom Looks

Amanda Mier, Features Editor

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Participants in last year's Prom Fashion Show pose after a successful event.

Participants in last year’s Prom Fashion Show pose after a successful event.

At this time in the year, there are any number of stressors: AP tests. Senior Assassins. Seeing teacher’s knees peek out under shorts. But all of these worries pale in comparison next to the stress of prom. Yes, in less than a month the time of uncomfortable dancing and slightly creepy parent chaperones will have arrived: the dance itself will be held on Saturday, May 21 at the Bolling-Haxall House. In the remaining few weeks, “promposals,” ranging from a classic pun and poster combo to the elaborate scavenger hunt, will allow sweaty-handed teens to invite their equally sweaty-handed partners to a school dance in style.

Style, of course, is naturally the most important part of any prom.  The quandary of what to wear is currently plaguing the upperclassmen: to rent? To buy? To order off of a sketchy website with a dubious return policy? To go designer? To go at all?

These important questions can all be answered in three words: Prom Fashion Show.  David’s Bridal and Men’s Warehouse have donated five gowns and five tuxes, respectively, for the viewing pleasure of the Maggie Walker student body. On April 29, the stores will showcase their goods on some of the most fashionable prom couples, who are will dance their way through the sophomore-junior commons. The models will include Will Sherrill (’16) with Celia Wilson (’16), Kaan Sahingur (’17) with Caroline Hanes (’16), Jack Miller (’16) with Fiza Shaikh (’16), Evan Fisher (’16) filling in for Ben Milburn-Town with Sunita Ganesh (’16), and Ben Rhoades (’16) with Mairead Guy (’17).

The models themselves selected their dresses and tuxes during fittings within the past two weeks. Harish Tekriwal (’17), junior class co-president and coordinator of the event, explained that the pairs “have chosen songs they want walk down the ‘aisle’ and dance to.” Tekriwal, and his equally enthusiatic co-president Julia Conte (’17), will MC the event. Gushed Conte, “All the dresses are hype and poofy and beautiful and sparkly! It will be super silly and super fun, and everyone should come.”

The models are extremely excited as well, and for most this will be their catwalk debut. Rhoades is eager to walk the runway, explaining that, “The Prom Fashion Show is a really fantastic way to rock some fabulous colors for free! It’s like playing dress up.” The student reaction towards the chic (or at least shiny) affair is overwhelmingly positive, although not everyone is coming just for the clothes, but to support their friends in their first modeling experiences. Or, like in the case of John Blue (’17), you may “just be excited to see Will Sherrill strut his stuff on the catwalk.”




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