Tournament Proves Dodgeball Great Again

Preston Hausser, Sports Editor

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Forrest Smith prepares to enter history with the final throw of the game.

Forrest Smith prepares to enter history with the final throw of the game.

The atmosphere was electric. Over 700 students and faculty looked on with apprehension from a sea of black, red, white and orange. As upperclassmen prepared to cheer for their class, the freshmen prayed not to be hit by wayward balls.

This was the dodgeball championship game, the culmination of weeks of tournament games and months of team-building, preparation and hardcore training. Representatives from Make Dodgeball Great Again, the remnants of a team that had ravaged the competition in 2015, had been looking forward to defend their title for over a year now. The senior-laden squadron of Tommy Snead (’16), Forrest Smith (’16), Frankie Celentano (’16), Parker Matthew (’16) and Henry Haas (’17) was confident, their emotions undetectable during a moment of such high importance. Their opponents from across the court, Team Safari Friday, were still riding high after upsetting the supposedly unbeatable Team Baseball!!! in the quarterfinals two days earlier. Following a 2-0 destruction of the tournament favorites, the fans began to realize that this was no mere Cinderella, but instead a legitimate title contender. The team of James Wyatt (’17), Preston Hausser (’17), Michael Rhyner (’17), John Blue (’17) and Mr. John Piersol knew they had the crowd behind them in this game of David and Goliath. Even some seniors had extended their support to these junior upstarts, as Tucker Collins (’16) said, “You better beat them, man. Bang bang!” It was to be a game for the ages, a game where the entire balance of the dodgeball world could shift.

The players began to warm up, and the teachers realized their mistake of standing right next to the walls, open to any ricochet. Moments before the referee’s whistle was blown, the entire room took a deep breath, as all the heavens were bound to break loose in such a situation. Nevertheless, this game was not what it could have been. Team Make Dodgeball Great Again exhibited who the best dodgeball team was in the school in a cool 3-game shutout. Smith was a force to be reckoned with, pinpointing his laser throws with incredible accuracy. The rest of the team was unhittable, as Safari Friday’s earlier consistency dissipated in the face of their opponent. But all was not lost, for the dodgeball tournament occurs annually at the Governor’s School, and Safari Friday wants redemption. When asked about next year’s tournament, Wyatt did not retreat in his answer: “We have one goal, that’s a championship. The politics, the media — it doesn’t bother me. The only thing I’m focused on is bringing that ring to the Class of 2017 and glory to the Safari Friday name.”


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