For the Freshmen

Incoming MLWGS students at Freshman Orientation this  summer.

Incoming MLWGS students at Freshman Orientation this summer.

Sophia McCrimmon, Editor-in-Chief

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For many of our readers who are new to the halls of Maggie Walker, this may be the first edition of the Jabberwock you ever get to read. Whether you picked it up absentmindedly on your way to FIRC or made a bee-line for the fresh stack of papers in the Bluestone as soon as you got off the bus (though, let’s be real, it’s likely the former), it is my hope that your acquaintance with our paper is off to a promising start. The Jabberwock is just one of many new facets of MLWGS life you have likely been bombarded with in the weeks since freshman orientation. I’m sure thus far these halls seem to be bustling with new and strange experiences, plus a good number of eccentricities. As I embark on my final year of study here at Maggie Walker, I can assure you that this school feels just as odd and wonderful as it did when I first wandered through its labyrinthine halls. At this point in my education, I concede that I am also intimately familiar with the frustrations of being a Maggie Walker student, and I will warn you that in the face of another absurd accumulation of due dates or troubling tale of administrative challenges it is easy to be bitter. But as you move forward, make sure to note the difference between thinking critically about your own academic environment and neglecting to recognize the unique strengths at the heart of this community. With every bout of institutional turbulence, our school community is buoyed by the intellectual passion of its students and faculty. Maggie Walker is a place where you might find yourself stumbling into a debate over social contract theory for an entire lunch period, writing an essay on the gender politics of “Die-Hard,” or compiling an anthology of poetry and prose solely to express your teenage angst. It’s a place full of students who are never afraid to fight adamantly for the things they believe in, and who always feel compelled to take a stand on the most significant issues facing our school, our community, and our world. Any institution filled with boldly intellectual, deeply invested individuals is likely to face moments of conflict and reckoning, and we’ve certainly had our fair share. Yet with every challenge that we face, it only becomes more clear what makes this school so special. I still find myself constantly motivated by the passion and wisdom of my peers, and constantly grateful for the enthusiasm and support of my teachers. While you study here over the next four years, I encourage you to find strength in the spirit of this community and immerse yourself in the unique opportunities it offers. As my younger and wiser colleague Cole Mier puts it in his “Hello, Freshman,” editorial, “If you walk through this school judging the silly and the strange instead of partaking in it, your experience will be significantly less enjoyable.” For all of our issues, Maggie Walker is what you make of it, and if there’s any piece of advice I can impart on your malleable freshman minds, it’s to jump wholeheartedly into this community; take a risk and push yourself to do something that scares you, talk to as many new people as possible, and please, I beg of you, sacrifice just one AP credit to enroll in a unique seminar or elective. I’m so excited just thinking about the eccentricity and intellectual vibrancy this incoming freshman class will contribute to our school community, and I hope sincerely that by the time you all graduate you’ll feel you never missed a chance to lead, laugh, or learn.

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