JibberJabber: Closing Statements on the Candidates

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JibberJabber: Closing Statements on the Candidates

Larry Jia, International News and Finance Editor

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Hillary Clinton:

By “Billy Bush”

I am in support of Hillary Clinton. I don’t support her because I think she’s the best, but I support her because I feel that she has better temperament and morals to be President than Donald Trump. Donald Trump will not accomplish the common sense agenda of moderate Conservatives. He is too extreme to be a good President. His rhetoric is nothing but verbal attacks or falsifications of obvious truths, and he lacks the basic education that one would assume any candidate to be the leader of the free world needs. However, Hillary is not perfect. She has some shady dealings and some obvious shortcomings, but she is not the soulless woman that the GOP has made her out to be. The funniest slogan of the election has to be “Hillary for Prison 2016.” However, Hillary is not guilty of any crimes. The Director of the FBI, whose job it is to get convictions, has said that there is no way to get a guilty verdict for her. Therefore, if you believe that America is truly great, you’ll follow one of the parts of the American justice system that is great: innocence before guilt. Evidence makes a person guilty, not outrageous claims. Trump boasts that he “has the greatest business,” but he doesn’t. Many other billion-dollar companies have never bankrupted. Trump has bankrupted more than four times. He’s been sued thousands (yes, thousands) of times for scamming contractors out of work. What he does is he promises to pay them after they do work on his properties, then he claims they “do a bad job” and refuses to pay. So, besides being a bad businessman, Trump also is a scam artist. For this reason, when Trump says he wants to run the country like he runs his business, he must mean he wants to refuse to pay people who do work for us and bankrupt us. Donald Trump isn’t fit to run a McDonald’s, let alone a country.


Donald Trump:

By “American Man”

Donald John Trump Sr. is the best option for President come November 8 because he will reaffirm the Constitution, by resolving the current controversy over the Second Amendment, implement programs such as Project Exile across the nation, and improve the American economy through changing the terms of trade agreements currently harmful for American workers. Donald Trump would attempt to reaffirm the Second Amendment through encouraging lawful gun ownership and trying to fix the current mental health epidemic that is going on in America. He would improve the care available to those who are mentally disabled by expanding treatment programs which are already in place, as well as reforming the laws to increase the ability for those who suffer from mental health problems to access preventative care, ensuring that they receive treatment and are not turned away. Another key method keeping firearms out of the hands of those who wishing harm upon their fellow man is implementing the Project Exile program, which achieved great success when used in the City of Richmond in 1997. This program results in convicted felons who are found in possession of a firearm receiving harsher punishments, with a minimum of five year in prison if found guilty. Project Exile reduced the number of homicides in Richmond by 22% annually, 12% higher than the average reduction for cities of similar size. Finally, Donald Trump intends to improve the United States’ situation within current trade agreements by negotiating the terms for the betterment of American workers. Withdrawing of the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership is the first step to improve the American trade position, because that trade agreement harms the American economy by reducing tariffs on nations like Japan, one of the world’s leading exporters, and a major competitor with the United States in many fields, such as automobile production and electronic goods. Another one of Trump’s policies involves renegotiating NAFTA, which currently harms American workers by allowing for Mexican sweatshops to produce the same goods as for significantly reduced cost. Trump’s solution to the trade dilemmas facing America is to increase tariffs on nations such as Mexico and China, who threaten the US economy because of extremely cheap costs of production, increasing tariffs would encourage the American people to purchase locally produced goods, benefiting US businesses, and discouraging outsourcing. Donald Trump is the best option for America because he would solve the problems currently facing our nation, such as the Second Amendment, and the economic strife that affects our nation.

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