Fantastic Future Dragons

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Fantastic Future Dragons

Kamya Sanjay, Assistant News Editor

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“Hey guys! I’m a shadow (sorry, future dragon)….I’m from Henrico…and like. I speak 69 languages.””

— Ashton Longo ('19)

No Maggie Walker student is a stranger to the thrill of Shadow Day. Every year towards the middle of March, prospective Maggie Walker students from all thirteen feeder counties come visit the school, sitting in on classes and meeting current students. Future Dragon Week 2017 has been, for lack of a better phrase, Shadow Week 2016 on steroids- everything the Maggie Walker student body is familiar with but bigger, better, and bolder. Although previous style and organization methods have undergone minor changes this year, Future Dragons visiting Maggie Walker from around the Greater Richmond Area still managed to enjoy their “days in the life a student” and have hopefully been inspired to join the MLWGS community this fall. 

Future Dragon Leaders, now donning vivid and intense neon-green shirts, have been impossible to miss the hallways this week. Courtesy of the school’s music department, Future Dragons were serenaded by Chorus and Orchestra assemblies upon entering the school through the Bluestone lobby- talk about an outstanding first impression. They began their day in the auditorium, circled throughout the school while observing a variety of classes, participated in a lively scavenger hunt, and experienced extracurriculars and artistic talent within this school during lunch block.

It is safe to say that the collective response to this year’s revamped and refurbished Future Dragon Week was overwhelmingly positive. The excitement bodes well for next year’s freshman class, and many Future Dragons were pleasantly surprised, as their preconceived notions regarding the school were dismantled and replaced with new, more positive impressions. One Future Dragon, Anika Kalluri, commented that Maggie Walker is “a lot more laid back than she thought.” Her peer, Bella Grace Finck, noted that, “The environment is very chill and free, as well as trusting and open.” Her favorite experience of the day was watching Standard Deviation Improv at lunch, even despite all of the jokes made at the expense of Future Dragons and their home counties.

If Future Dragons had to use three words to describe Maggie Walker, simply referring to their Future Dragon Day experiences, how would they choose to articulate their feelings? Kalluri says, “Food oriented, laid back, and interesting,” evidently referencing a food related activity from one of the classes she visited. Finck chooses, “Diverse, accepting, and welcoming.” Kylee Sanderson, another Future Dragon, says, “Everyone’s different here. Here people have different interests- at my old school, that wasn’t really something that was common. I’d say Maggie Walker is unique, smart, and friendly.”

The positive energy and animation displayed by Future Dragons is certainly contagious. The Maggie Walker student body will certainly receive the Class of 2021 next fall with equal enthusiasm and zeal for the future!

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