GSMUN Benefit Concert

Alexander Davis (`17) and Sophia McCrimmon (`17) performing an original dance to

Yashna Nainani

Alexander Davis (`17) and Sophia McCrimmon (`17) performing an original dance to "My House" at GSMUN's recent benefit concert.

Parth Kotak, News Editor

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For Model UN students, there’s no rest after school today. Later from 6:00 pm until 10:00 pm, and tomorrow from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, the Governor’s School Model United Nations conference will be in session. Each year, Maggie Walker’s very own Model UN club sponsors GSMUN, a conference for middle and high school students throughout the mid-Atlantic region. This year’s conference is the vicennial and expects over 450 delegates and a keynote address from former Israeli Prime Minister and war hero Ehud Barak and Nobel Peace Prize winner and former Director-General of the International Atomic Energy Agency Mohamed ElBaradei. The principle motive of GSMUN is to raise money for its partner charity—this year, that charity is Project HOPE, an organization dedicated to providing healthcare solutions to impoverished people around the world. GSMUN aims to raise $10,000.00 for this year’s charity.

As part of that fundraising goal, the club organized a benefit concert on March 10th featuring acts from the Governor’s School and food generously provided by Joe’s Inn at Bon Air, with admission costing just $5.00. The Jabberwock’s own Cole Mier (’19) opened the concert with a stand-up comedy routine that hit all across the board, transitioning from marijuana to Minor Infraction Reports, infamously known as MIRs, in a joke that drew laughter from its target. “I swear to God everyone’s out to get me… I see you lookin’ at me, Mr. Smith. This outfit’s dress code! Don’t MIR me!” Mier also introduced the subsequent acts: Jui Paithane (’18) charmed the audience with two songs, one of her own creation; Paige Handy (’20) followed with a great performance. Afterwards, the Maggie Walker Deadbeats sang a cappella, featuring solos from Emma Jones (’17) and Sadie Van Wie (’18); after which came a forceful and stunning performance from Dana Slayton (’17), who also sang an original piece as well.

The concert ended on a comedic note, with Mairead Guy (’17), Ryan Staudenmaier (’17), Quan Chau (’17), Abbey Millar (’18), Madoc Kimball (’19), and Ashton Longo (’19) representing Maggie Walker’s Improv Club and the Jabberwock’s own Sophia McCrimmon (’17) and Alexander Davis (’17) performing an interpretative dance to Flo Rida’s “My House.” The acts were a sight to behold; this reporter will never forget McCrimmon’s and Davis’s movements to the chorus of “My House” in the near future. Concert-goers had generally favorable reviews: “[I enjoy] seeing musically-talented students at Maggie Walker at events like these, plus I had to come out and support a good cause,” said Kelin Carpenter (’18). Others testified about the quality of the catered food. All in all, the benefit concert raised about $250.00, which will go towards the conference’s stated charitable goal. Ketty Bai (’17), GSMUN’s Director of Charitable Giving, remains optimistic about the conference’s prospects going into the weekend: “I am really excited to fundraise for such an amazing charity at the conference and to spread their mission of providing lasting solutions for global health. Our fundraising goal is still $10,000.00, but if our marketing around the twentieth anniversary of the conference is successful, we may be able to exceed that total and make an even larger difference in the world.”

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