Interview: New SCA Leadership

Thomas Green (`18) on the left and Rachel Zhao (`18) on the right.

Thomas Green (`18) on the left and Rachel Zhao (`18) on the right.

Hui Lian

Hui Lian

Thomas Green (`18) on the left and Rachel Zhao (`18) on the right.

Kamya Sanjay, Editor-in-Chief

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The Jabberwock was extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to “pick the brains” of Thomas Green (`18) and Rachel Zhao (`18), Maggie Walker’s 2017-18 SCA presidents. The two charismatic leaders hope to hold a tenure of office characterised by openness, communication, and both involvement and representation for anyone wishing to share ideas for betterment of the MLWGS community.

JABBERWOCK: So, what helped crystallise your decision to run for SCA presidents for the 2017-18 year?

GREEN: Though no utopia, MLWGS really is an incredible school and we both honestly love it. We want to give back, and we also want the students to get what they deserve.

ZHAO: Personally, I’ve always thought it’d be a really great experience to be SCA President because it really brings you closer to the entire school and gives you a whole new perspective on all the different policies that affect the school. I decided to run with Thomas because we’ve known each other since middle school and I know how hard of a worker she is, and there’s honestly no one I’d rather be presidents with.

JABBERWOCK: What experiences and other valuable assets will you be bringing to the position next year?

GREEN: I served as class co-president my freshman and sophomore year. Over the years I learned more about not just the systematic processes involved in the behind-the-scenes aspects of student government, but also about effective communication with the student body.

ZHAO: We both have had various leadership skills in different clubs but never anything to this extent, and we hope to bring fresh ideas and be an accessible source of information for all of the students.

JABBERWOCK: What are some of your goals or plans for the 2017-18 school year?

GREEN: Though class rivalry is fun, and trust us the rivalry will most definitely be present throughout Spirit Week, we also think it’s important to remember we are all on the same team, and we’re all working for the same things. Also, transparency comes up quite a bit as an issue regarding school government, so we have decided to make that one of our main focuses. We want people to feel comfortable with what we’re doing, and comfortable with coming to us with suggestions for what to do next.

ZHAO: One of our main goals for next year is expanding our school’s community outreach by providing students with opportunities to give back to the Richmond area through non-profits like Christmas Mother. We’d also like to give students the chance to connect as a school and hold more school-wide events instead of just having specific class events.

JABBERWOCK: What lessons have you taken from previous officers that you plan to implement, and what aspects of previous presidencies do you plan to change?

GREEN: Kiersen and Mairead have been great. Before we even got the chance to ask them any questions, they had already offered us advice, from necessary organization skills, to ways to make the announcements as exciting as humanly possible. They’re both amazing leaders and make everyone feel welcomed and included, which we also feel is one of if not the most important traits of student government leaders. We plan to change some things about SCA representative seats, hopefully finding ways to get them more involved, which in turn would allow the students in their classes to be more directly involved.

ZHAO: I’ve learned that it will be impossible to please everyone. Although we obviously want to make as many people happy as possible, it will be impossible to plan something that everyone will be on board with so I think it will be important to keep that in mind going forward. Hopefully, next year, we’ll be able to change the relationship between us and the new director. As our ability to communicate with him effectively may impact future SCA officers, we hope to set a good precedent.

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Interview: New SCA Leadership