Mentorship Spotlight: Aditya Kannoth

Aditya poses next to Maggie Walker’s bust. Photo courtesy Aditya Kannoth.

Aditya poses next to Maggie Walker’s bust. Photo courtesy Aditya Kannoth.

Angela Ciarochi, Features Editor

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Through the opportunities of Maggie Walker’s mentorship program, students are offered a hands-on glimpse to what the real world entails. This fortunate group of seniors at MLWGS includes Aditya Kannoth, who participates in his internship alongside Dr. Graham, a neurosurgeon at the Medical College of Virginia. Previously being familiar with Dr. Graham and his practice, Aditya organized this medical mentorship through mutual connections. Starting during summer break, Aditya shadowed Dr. Graham by observing surgical and clinical procedures. Aditya expresses how his mentorship is more than just shadowing, but an experience shaped by useful advice and critical explanations of the medical field. His goals over the course of this mentorship are to see what being a doctor truly demands, what the lifestyle of a medical career is, what characteristics are needed to be a doctor, and whether he himself would be a suitable fit. Watching Dr. Graham in his element, Aditya has realized the difficulty of holding the title of a doctor, as Dr. Graham constantly works non-stop at the hospital. So far, Aditya’s most memorable moments of the mentorship have been observing neurosurgeries, claiming he has already learned so much by Dr. Graham’s clarifications. Although there was no particular reason for choosing neurosurgery, Aditya hopes to find his place in the field and to take away these lessons into his college life and beyond.

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