AP Econ Hits the Fed

Photo: Yashodhara Varma

Photo: Yashodhara Varma

Angela Ciarochi, Features Editor

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From the classroom to America’s capital, AP Economics students Alex Nikolov (‘19) and Yashodhara Varma (‘19) earned an opportunity to expand their knowledge on economics and its application in the real world. After undergoing a selection process, Nikolov and Varma were chosen to meet with professionals currently working in the Federal Reserve System in Washington, DC. Beyond interacting with people who work at the bank, the students observed a panel discussion, listened to a lecture and worked with simulations. During these activities, they learned of all the different ways math can be applied to employment. Nikolov explained how he was enlightened by the possibilities of working in a math field, but not necessarily being a mathematician. Nikolov and Varma were able to take away one of the main points expressed throughout the session about how the thought process of an economist is useful, even in job areas outside of an economics specialization. Although this experience did not have an immense impact on the AP class itself, the students acquired a better sense of what courses they can take in the future to later succeed in following their preferred career path. Varma’s favorite aspect of the trip was going to DC and meeting all of the people who use economics in their jobs everyday. Shocked by the unexpected career options in pursuing economics, both students overall gained a new appreciation of the world of economics and the variety of fields associated with it.

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