Senior Showcase Seniors Offer Advice



Angela Ciarochi, Features Editor

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Yesterday, the entire school participated in observing the senior class showcase their research and experience within their mentorship or seminar. Over the course of the school year, the seniors have spent much of their time in and outside of their mentorship blocks to prepare for this day. Hours and hours of preparation and organization went into each presentation to ensure that the day ran smoothly and effectively for all participants and viewers.

Wyatt Mingus (‘18), a member of the Digital Video Seminar, presented an original film that he had been creating for several months leading up to the showcase. Mingus came up with the idea in December, and the process extended up to the very last minute- 8:00 am Thursday morning! The process included creating the overall concept of the film and a script, which led into a two month stretch of filming and editing. Sadie Van Wie (‘18) discussed her process of building a presentation for the Photojournalism Seminar, emphasizing the amount of time the class spent on Google Drive. In this presentation, the students were able to reveal a certain topic of interest or a topic developed through their research paper. Van Wie states “As far as topics go, they were chosen pretty easily; most people gravitated towards one or two subjects they were most interested in or that they had great photos for.”

Besides the moments leading up to the showcase, both Mingus and Van Wie enjoyed displaying their work and experience to their fellow classmates. Mingus found the audience’s reaction the most rewarding moment of his presentation. “The basic premise of my film is that there is someone in a coma and another person enters their dreams to wake them up. There was one scene in my movie in which the dreamer first begins to realize that they are actually living in a dream and includes a rather shocking moment. I was unbelievably happy when the audience let out an audible gasp and even jumped a but when this moment occurred.” Van Wie also enjoyed the interaction with the audience, explaining how the audience was able to see their projects similar to how her classmates viewed them all year.

Mingus and Van Wie both offered advice for future students participating in a seminar. Specifically for Digital Video, Mingus stresses how effort can produce a great film and that the “class can be a very easy one to slack off in, but if you actually put in the time and the effort, you can make something extraordinary”. Van Wie jokingly advises to remember to always bring a wallet on the Photojournalism trips as food trips are very common. In general, Van Wie says that “you should always do something you’re passionate about, don’t just follow what your friends are doing or avoid something because of a certain teacher… if you love the work, then it’s worth it in the end, always”. She also encourages to always document and take pictures, which is a skill she can continue to utilize in her future. As for Mingus, his seminar allowed him to find a new passion. Wyatt mentioned the possibility of minoring in film in college and exploring a potential career with it.

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