Following the Leaders – A Day in the Lives of Our SCA Presidents

Malina Gavris, Features Editor

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On the onset of the new year, the typical school day becomes the norm for students again. At 8:35, the bell rings and students scramble to their seats, taking out their homework and chatting animatedly with their seat neighbors. After the pledge and moment of silence, the daily announcements come on. The two voices over the intercom are chipper and positive, even cracking a few jokes here and there. Someone in Señor Jenkins’ AP Spanish class asks who the voices belong to. They belong to the beloved co-Presidents of the SCA, seniors Spencer Smith (`19) and Knaide Green (`19).

Knaide is very excited to be starting her senior year here at MLWGS. As she tells me about her classes, she expresses her delight in her chosen seminar. “I’m really excited about my MENA Seminar because traveling to Morocco with a bunch of friends is such a rare opportunity in high school.” Knaide’s outgoing and extroverted personality make her a great friend to talk to and an even greater sister. She comes from a large family filled with siblings that range from Maggie Walker alumni to freshmen. Reflecting on life at home, she states,“My family made me who I am today, and even though it can be a little insane at times, I wouldn’t trade them for the world.” Knaide is an outstanding sister and she sets a shining example for her siblings with everything she does.

Every morning, Knaide wakes up at 6:30, quickly grabs her stuff, and drives her younger brothers Quinn Green (‘21) and Mannix Green (‘22) to school. When the Green siblings reach Maggie Walker, Knaide heads on up to the third floor senior commons to chat with friends or catch up on her schoolwork.  As she enters the commons, she’s greeted by her friends and classmates. I can immediately tell that her peers adore her, and later on, I ask one of her best friends, Joey Mistretta (‘19), to describe her. “Being friends with Knaide is awesome. If there’s one word I’d use to describe Knaide, it has to be ‘bubbly’ because of the energy and happiness that she always exudes.” Knaide also channels her natural positive energy into sports. She’s on Maggie Walker’s Varsity volleyball team, and spends many of her evenings at games or at practices. Of course, Knaide’s most important role at school is being president of the SCA, alongside her friend Spencer. As she speaks about her duties, Knaide explains that, “The SCA’s most important responsibility is making sure that Maggie Walker is a healthy, safe environment where every student can reach their potential. We accomplish this by talking with individuals, groups, and communicating with teachers about student body needs.” Spencer explains that HIS role is “Making sure Knaide doesn’t mess anything up (which is an even more laborious task than you would imagine).”

Spencer Smith is the other co-president of the SCA. Spencer was more than willing to provide a few fun facts about himself, including that he has a younger sibling named Quinn, he “plays guitar instead of doing homework” and he has“ all ten fingers.” All are evidently amazing and worthy accomplishments. All jokes aside, Spencer is a very hardworking student who deeply cares not only about his friends, but about the entire MLWGS community. Spencer arrives at school around 8:10 and gets right to preparing for the daily announcements. During lunch, he relaxes with friends but usually has a club meeting to rush to. Although he can get pretty busy, his friends understand that he is working hard for all of them. SCA Secretary, Joey Mistretta comments that “Spencer brings such a relaxed and fun aura to the SCA meetings; you know his concerns for the school are genuine and he keeps a level head in coming up with solutions.”

After school hours are over, Spencer has cross country and track practice. On the days that he doesn’t, he can be found tutoring classmates in need. When his extracurriculars are over, Spencer details the rest of his evening- “I get home around 6, grind out homework, and then go to bed.” I think many of us can relate to his busy schedule, which makes Spencer the perfect representative for student council, because he faces the same stressors that affect all Maggie Walker students. As he continues to tell me about his daily life, he admits that “…in a few weeks, senioritis will hit pretty hard, like it does for most Maggie Walker seniors.”

As I shadowed Knaide and Spencer through days in their lives, I came to realize how lucky Maggie Walker is to have them as SCA Presidents. Determined, jovial, and real, Knaide and Spencer two are able to connect with people from across all grade levels and groups. This year, the two SCA Presidents will be planning Fall Fest fundraisers, Spirit Week, and most importantly, “working hard to design a solution that makes the SCA more transparent and open to input from the student body than ever before.”

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