A Note to Underclassmen: Parking Problems

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A Note to Underclassmen: Parking Problems

Cole Mier, Opinions Editor

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Dear Underclassmen,

This is a crisis of epic proportions; an epidemic that, if not stopped, may lead to the end of the senior class as we know it. It is absolutely imperative that a change must occur, and each grade level- freshmen, sophomores, and junior-, has an essential role to play in the coming weeks. Only you have the power to do something about it. Underclassmen: help us save the student parking lot.

Freshmen and sophomores who take the bus home, this is not directed to you. However, if your parents pick you up from school, there are some guidelines that you must follow. Kids, please tell your parents to stop picking you up in the middle of the parking lot lanes. There are around 200 cars parked in the lot every day, and while people leave at varying times, it is difficult enough to leave the lot without having multiple parent not moving, blocking students in, and significantly slowing down the flow of traffic. If your parents currently pick you up in the lot, suggest that they pick you up on Elizabeth Street instead.

Alternatively, parents who still prefer to use the lot could either stay in the back of the lot where fewer students would be affected, or in the main loop and not in the lanes. In past years, backups in the senior parking lot have not been an issue, and have certainly not been as impactful on the commute home as they are now. Juniors, I understand that parallel parking can be very scary, but please refrain from parking in the lot without a pass. Not all seniors received a parking pass; by taking several spots in the far back corners you are adding to the commotion when it is time to leave and taking spots from people who could actually use them. I very specifically recall a day where I arrived to school much later than usual, and every spot in the lot was filled. Some students even parked in the back lane, taking up even more space. This cannot go on any longer.

There are a handful of privileges granted to the senior class that are not granted to underclassmen, and I know this reality may seem unfair at the moment. Keep in mind all of you will receive the same privileges once you are seniors. The high concentration of parents within the senior parking lot (coupled with the presence of student drivers without parking passes) is transforming the parking lot into one massive traffic jam. The potential consequences are greater than just annoyance and longer wait times: student drivers are often not the most competent, and the, quite frankly, reckless behavior of parents in the parking lot will increase the likelihood of collisions. It is time for a change for which underclassmen can be the only instigators.


Cole Mier

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