Maggie Walker Is Thankful!

Malina Gavris, Features Editor

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Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful and appreciative for all that we have. Despite the various problems and challenges students face, it is essential to remember and recognize all that we are given. This year, I chatted with a variety of people across the student body to highlight what everyone was grateful for this holiday season.

“I’m definitely grateful for my family and friends” Mary Caroline Heinen (‘20) tells me. “They are always very supportive of me and seem to always find a way to make me smile.” Heinen continues to enthusiastically tell me about her friends and it’s very simple to see that they mean a lot to her. Her friends’ upliftment and the support of the team boosted Heinen up despite rainy weather and muddy terrain, and helped her win states this year. She is very grateful of all her team members and voices that “Winning states this year was a great experience because it felt amazing and I love to be able to help out my team with the win.”

Another person who is feeling thankful this season is the star of Hamlet (the fall play), Renny McFadin (‘20). She states “I’m […] grateful for all of the new friends that I’ve made recently. Ever since I have joined drama, it’s like I’ve been submerged into a brand new family.” Her newfound connections with her classmates made for a great time putting the show together, undeterred by a lack of sleep- and allowed her to shine on stage, surrounded by the supportive energies of her castmates. Putting it all together, she describes them as “Truly some of the best people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, and for that I am eternally grateful!”

Bella Stevens (‘21) recognizes that without her family, she wouldn’t be “the person I am today.” Stevens’ touching acknowledgement of her family is sincere and heartfelt. “They have provided so much for me and have sacrificed things they want/need to be able to support me and my life, which I could never be more grateful for.” Likewise, she is just as thankful for her peers. “They’re an unconditional support system that I can always fall back on; they’re there no matter what.” Many times, we might take our close ones for granted, and Thanksgiving gives us the perfect reminder to reflect on the special people in our lives.

Friends and family aren’t the only things we are thankful for this holiday season. Senior Hui Lian (‘19) is beyond excited for her newly earned food privileges. “I’m so thankful of off campus lunch. It’s one of the best things about being seniors. I don’t pack lunches or eat from the cafeteria.” Off campus lunch is a great opportunity to de-stress during school and indulge in eating tasty meals. Lian maintains that her “favorite spot is hibachi box, which most of my friends can agree on.” Although it’s impossible to resist some scrumptious takeout, we need to remember to leave some room in our stomachs for the oncoming Thanksgiving feast!

It was certainly very heartwarming to converse with my classmates about thankfulness. Everyone is blessed with their own capabilities, uniqueness, and loved ones. Our conversations solidified and exemplified how grateful and cognizant we are. We are all blessed with so much, and from the bottom of our hearts, we are thankful.

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