Captain’s Corner: Girls’ Basketball off to an Incredible Start



Asher Llewellyn, Sports Editor

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Ten games into their season, Maggie Walker Varsity Girls’ Basketball is 9-1. Having won their first eight games and already rebounded (pun intended) from their only loss to a formidable Deep Run team by only four points, it is same to say that Girls’ Basketball is performing incredibly well thus far and certainly promises big things ahead. To get some more insight into their fantastic start to their season, I sat down with captain Annabel Tripodi (‘19) and learned what exactly is behind their success so far.

In their impressive eight game win streak, Maggie Walker took down some pretty strong teams. They beat Goochland and Thomas Jefferson away with ease in 47-29 and 47-38 wins, respectively, took down King William twice, and of course crushed ARGS 60-37. Seven of their nine wins have been by double digits; it’s certainly a proud accomplishment. But what exactly has contributed to their amazing start?

First off, a lack of injuries certainly helps. With a completely healthy roster and no major obstacles this season (knock on wood), Girls’ Basketball is poised to continue their success this season. And their early success has only served to make them even more deadly. “Our confidence and cohesion as a team has grown,” explained senior captain Annabel Tripodi (‘19). “We’re more mature and used to competing and finishing tough games.” It’s safe to say they’re only getting better and better.

Another significant reason for their success is, unsurprisingly, the immense talent on the team. “We have a much deeper bench [this year] so it takes pressure off of the starters and allows all players to stay fresh,” Tripodi added. Girls’ Basketball has seen some sizeable improvements in some of their best players like Emma Ragone (‘19), Ge Atkins (‘20), and Sarah Larkin (‘21) who have especially stepped up. “They are consistent on offense, force turnovers, play good defense, and have hit a few game winning shots,” said Tripodi.

It’s undeniable that Maggie Walker has played great so far, but they still have nine games left, and some of them will be against their toughest opponents yet. “It’s a bit worrying,” revealed Tripodi, “but if we stay positive and keep playing with the same energy we should be able to pull off some upsets.” And with their success thus far, I have faith that Girls’ Basketball will continue to display their dominance. Who knows, this very well could be a historic season for the team. We’ll just have to wait and find out.

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