College, Here We Come!

Malina Gavris, Staff Writer

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This time of year can be quite a stressful period for many seniors as they finish submitting college applications and anxiously await their results. Thankfully, some of the class of 2019 can rest easy tonight as they have not only been accepted, but have decided what school will become their home for the next couple of years.

Katy Werwath (‘19) is beyond excited for her acceptance to Stanford. At first, she struggled with her schedule, explaining that “The application process was pretty stressful, especially writing tons of essays and trying to balance applications and deadlines with classes during the fall”. However her hard work paid off and she is “[…] so lucky and still really shocked that [she] was accepted to Stanford!” Werwath will get to attend a highly prestigious school while also experiencing the beauty of Palo Alto, California! Stanford certainly seems to be the right fit for her as she will have “a cooperative atmosphere and balance between school work and being healthy/having a social life”.

Another dragon who has taken the next step in life by committing to a university is Jack Jeffrey (‘19). “For me the application process was a lot easier because I’m an athlete so all I had to do was talk to coaches and I was able to only submit one application which was nice,” Jeffrey describes. And so, his running skills and smarts helped him secure a spot at Boston University! He’ll be able to take advantage of all of the academic and athletic opportunities there and have an irreplaceable college experience. It seems like he could fly to Boston right how if could, as he illustrates that “The stuff I’m looking forward to and am most excited for is the opportunity to better myself as both and athlete and a student and have a good time in general and explore a new city!”

Molly Goodman is equally enthusiastic about her college decision. During the application process, she had 7 colleges on her final list and applied to one early decision. Her early decision arrived and that’s how Goodman will now be part of the Tribe at William & Mary! “It checked off all the boxes of basic things I wanted in a college, and the atmosphere and people there are so welcoming.” she explains. William & Mary and Molly seem like they were just meant to be. Goodman will be moving in in six months but she simply cannot wait! “I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone; we have a Facebook group and we’ve all started following each other and it’ll be nice to see everyone in person. I’m also looking forward to all the classes I’ll get to take and all the cool stuff I’ll learn”.

Even though only a fraction of the senior body has committed to a school yet, they will all be representing Maggie Walker at renowned and impressive universities. This goes to show just how incredible all of our peers are. As they leave our halls and continue on their journey in life, we’re absolutely sure that they will go on to do amazing things.

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