Behind the Making of Sweet Charity

Malina Gavris, Features Editor

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The drama department’s latest musical production, Sweet Charity, was an absolute success. The show was lengthy, yet managed to keep the audience captivated every step of the way with glorious dance numbers, witty one-liners, and catchy tunes. It was an impressive feat that dazzled students, parents, and faculty alike. As well as recognizing the production as a whole, it is important to learn about our talented peers that brought the musical to fruition and the magical moments that they shared as a troupe.

While reflecting on her experiences, star of the show Bella Grace Finck (‘21), who played Charity, notes, “I honestly don’t think I can pick a favorite moment because every rehearsal someone would find some new thing to make the scene a billion times better and then we would all crack up onstage”. The camaraderie among the young thespians that Finck describes translated well onto the stage, and it was easy to see the vibrant chemistry between the characters. The connectedness of the theatre group doesn’t just stop at the students. Over the span of several weeks, the actors had the incredible opportunity to work with talented professionals from all across the region. They received musical instruction, acting tips, and stage advice. Amarah Ennis (‘19), who played Charity’s friend Nicki, recounts, “One day after rehearsals, Aza (our choreographer) agreed to show a small group of us the choreo for Rhythm of Life, and it was a SUPER lit four minutes watching him do his thing.” Learning from seasoned showmen while also enjoying their practices was definitely an invaluable experience for the drama group here at Maggie Walker. Despite a show stopping performance and incredible tutelage, the cast of Sweet Charity didn’t get off to a perfect start. It takes time and effort to learn cues and to memorize lines, and Hunter Carlton (‘19), who played “Vittorio Vidal, a WAY overdramatic, romantic, and famous Italian movie star,”  had the perfect gaffe to share- “During rehearsal one day, just as I thought I was getting my lines down, I loudly and proudly, in front of my whole cast, cried ‘Ursula, how will it look for a big GIRL like me to be alone in a nightclub without a STAR?!’ You can imagine what the line was supposed to be…”

The friendships shared by cast won’t fade after closing night. The bonds forged after hours, days, and weeks of rehearsal, will last for much longer. Carlton (‘19) steps back and professes, “ My favorite thing about Drama Club […] is everyone’s dedication, not only to the show, but to each other. We all deal with obstacles and setbacks and sleep deprivation together, and we stick together through thick and thin. Almost like a family”. It is clear to see that the blossoming thespians have truly found a home amongst themselves. Corbette Condit-Fox (‘19), who played Ursula, also gives her heartwarming opinion- “We’re all really close and we are all willing to help each other out whenever we’re stressed. We have a really effective support system in each other, which I think is really fantastic.”

So there you have it. Hard work combined with a supportive group of friends and mentors created the spectacular show that the MLWGS community witnessed last week. The drama department has been able to put on some marvelous productions, and it will be difficult for all of us to wait until next year for the next show stopping musical!

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