Senior Farewells

2015-2016 Jabberwock Staff

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Sharvani Mehta, Editor-in-Chief

11291760_1651233045107398_1693862527_nSharvani led the Jabberwock this year with passion and poise. As Editor-in-Chief, she dedicated countless hours to make the Jabberwock the best it could be and went above and beyond in all of her duties. Sharvani always made time to offer insight to staff members and help edit articles, and her enthusiasm and energy were unparalleled. She inspired everyone on the staff and has left a long-lasting mark on the paper. The staff will miss her tremendously next year, but wishes her the best of luck at UVA and in all future endeavors!

11335805_641392972627234_1281558915_nRadhika Srivastava, News Editor
Radhika has provided invaluable writing and support to the Jabberwock since she joined. She took it upon herself to not only exceed expectations on every issue, but also to have one of the best attitudes and most helpful advice on our staff. Radhika brings a light to this paper that is unparalleled and will surely never be overshadowed. Radhika is not just an amazing writer and News Editor, but also an overall sparkling student and person. We were lucky to have her as a part of our staff and we will surely miss her next year.


11304141_1651232981774071_1055790639_nSam Martin, News-in-Brief Editor
With his talent for journalism and enthusiasm for writing, Sam has been a valuable member of the Jabberwock for the past four years. In addition to contributing short and informative news pieces, Sam also wrote feature stories and helped with distribution during his time on the staff. His diligence, skill and passion will be missed next year. The staff wishes him all the best with his continuing career at Middlebury College!

11335779_641392969293901_1956169235_nPranay Vissa, Opinion Editor
Pranay has done a fantastic job this year of presenting opinions for the Jabberwock. His pieces were always relevant, well-written and thought-provoking, and he contributed an opinion piece to nearly every issue during his tenure as Opinion Editor. The entire staff appreciated Pranay’s unique manner of dealing with any issues, and he will be sorely missed next year.




11310956_1651232978440738_1154722427_nSrishti Sanya, Photography/Website Editor
“Srishti Sanya is absolutely, astoundingly gorgeous and that’s the least interesting thing about her.” This was an anonymous quote from the MLWGS Compliments page and it is absolutely true. Always cheerful and ready to help, her ability to balance everything from Robotics to Model UN and everything in between is admired by her peers. Even with all of her other commitments, Srishti was always dedicated to the Jabberwock and consistently produced quality photos for anyone who needed them. While her sunny personality and loyalty to the Jabberwock will be sorely missed, we wish Srishti all the best with her future and hope that she gets all she wants out of life.

11303542_641392962627235_452564546_nAnnika Basch, Public Relations Officer
Annika Basch has been an invaluable member of the Jabberwock staff during her tenures as Public Relations Officer, Features Editor, and Photo Editor. Anikka has always volunteered enthusiastically for any opportunity to help out, demonstrating her commitment to the paper and unique collaborative spirit. Her positive energy and bright personality are one of the highlights of working on the paper. The Jabberwock will miss her unique voice, outstanding team participation, and contagious zeal for journalism. The staff wishes her the best of luck at the University of Texas and can’t wait to see where her incredible talent takes her.

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