2017-2018 Staff

Kamya Sanjay


Kamya Sanjay is a junior at Maggie Walker and is elated to be serving as Editor-in-Chief of the Jabberwock. The Jabberwock has arguably been the most formative part of her high school experience, and she is incredibly thankful...

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Kate Farmer

News Editor

Kate Farmer, a sophomore, is excited to serve as News Editor on the Jabberwock team. She is an avid writer with a passion for journalism, and looks forward to covering Maggie Walker news and events. Politics-savvy, she is also...

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Samra Kanwal

Assistant News Editor

Samra Kanwal is an activist, writer, Game of Thrones aficionado, and the assistant news editor of the Jabberwock. While she is not binge watching Bollywood movies, Samra enjoys reading and spending time with her family. In addition,...

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Lawrence Jia

International/Domestic News Editor

Lawrence Jia, a junior at Maggie Walker, has served as the International/Domestic News Editor since his freshman year. He is thrilled to pursue his interests in current events and journalism during this upcoming school year with...

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Alex Broening

Assistant International/Domestic News Editor

Alex Broening is a sophomore at Maggie Walker, and is excited to work as the Assistant International/Domestic News Editor for the Jabberwock. This is Alex’s first year writing for the Jabberwock, and he can’t wait to explore...

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Angela Ciarochi

Features Editor

Angela Ciarochi (Class of 2019) is a junior at Maggie Walker and is excited to be serving as the Features Editor for the Jabberwock. Her ultimate goal on the Jabberwock staff is to allow the MLWGS community to gain insight on...

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Cole Mier

Opinions Editor

Cole Mier is a junior at Maggie Walker and is the Opinions Editor. Cole is a passionate lover of all things film, comedy, classic rock, wrestling, and superheros. Cole enjoys being the opinions editor because he is able to us...

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Grady Trexler

Assistant Opinions Editor

Grady Trexler is a junior and the Assistant Opinions Editor. He enjoys the Opinions section because it lets him be biased. Grady enjoys listening to music (inlcuding, but not limited to, Kendrick Lamar, the Walters, the Mowglis,...

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Mitchell Turnage

Sports Editor

Mitchell, a senior, has been a writer for the Jabberwock for two years and is thrilled to be the Sports Editor for the 2-17-18 school year! When he's not cheering on Maggie Walker sports you can find him playing tennis with friends,...

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Hui Lian

Photography Editor

Hui Lian is a junior at Maggie Walker and is excited to be serving as the Jabberwock's Photography Editor. In the future she hopes to be a fashion stylist or a designer, as well as a part-time photographer. In her free time, Hui...

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Gabbi Bright


Gabbi Bright is a Maggie Walker junior serving as the Public Relations and Recruitment Officer for the Jabberwock.  Aside from writing as a hobby, she enjoys participating in both the French and Latin Honor Societies and volunteering...

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