Parth Kotak
Parth Kotak, Class of 2017, is the News Editor. In his free time, Parth may be found hiking the snow-clad peaks of the Himalayas or trekking through the featureless dunes of the Sahara, searching for the fabled cure to procrastination. Alternatively, he may be consuming an entire sleeve of Oreos in one sitting. If he does not return requests for a comment, he is most likely in rural Bolivia fending off zombie Jesuits led by Dilma Rousseff’s evil twin or freefalling through Earth’s geosynchronous orbit attempting to deflect an oncoming meteor (asteroid?) from striking the Earth and destroying all of humanity. You’re welcome. Apart from these hobbies, Parth also enjoys Raisin Bran, economic history, brightly-colored socks, and lying superfluously.

Parth Kotak, News Editor

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